Nutrition change is a process. Some people come with a good knowledge base, while other might need to start at the beginning. Sometimes people are off to a good start and their progress gets sidetracked by stress, distracted eating, or medical issues that need to be addressed. Even very good intentions get complicated by paralysis of over analysis or information overload.

I work with my clients to provide the right combination of support, information, and guidance designed for their unique situation, no matter what their starting point. With a thorough initial appointment and using a holistic approach, I help my clients begin with solutions that can give benefits right away. Quite often, people start to feel better with the changes they try after their first appointment.

The first appointment is followed by visits to allow for time to practice and experiment with new ideas with adequate feedback and support. My programs are designed to honor your commitment to future good health and can be further customized based on your request.